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Official Kimoyo Beads from Wakanda ( Black Panther movie)

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Due to popular demand, we will ship this in 4 weeks! This is a specially crafted bracelet and the official bracelet from the movie. Thank you for your support.

*** Portion of proceeds go towards clean water in Flint, Michigan and Malawi***

Kimoyo Beads are pieces of advanced communication technology adapted by the Wakandans from vibranium. The Prime Bead provides a lifetime worth of medical knowledge and is given to the individual at birth. Additional beads are added, serving various digital purposes. 

"Kimoyo" is Bantu for "of the Spirit." 

Durable black glass beads with silver sigils, as seen on Marvel Studios' Black Panther. Beads are 18mm in diameter, featuring a blue enamel glow-in-the-dark textured Prime Bead. The bracelet is 3 ounces and strung on thick elastic cord for a comfortable and flexible fit. 

Available in two UNISEX sizes:
Small (5 to 6 inch wrist = 11 beads)
Large (7 to 8 inch wrist = 12 beads)

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