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How To Be A Digital Diplomat Online workbook

Product Descriptions

This is an e-book with printable PDF exercises that you can apply daily or weekly curated and written by app developer and digital strategist Alvin Singh on how to protect your online identity also utilizing digital tools while saving time and energy. The book comes packed with info graphs, resources, a bonus section and plenty of helpful tips to managing your web presence with a customized system. 

You will learn:

+ Negotiation techniques that have not only earned more money but saved lives 

+ How to raise money crowdfunding for a social cause

+ Build a network that brings net worth

+ How to protect your online identity like Jason Bourne

If you have ever found your email or Facebook page hacked from someone and had to change the password before they spam your entire address book then this book will help you guard your online identity.  We pulled together over 5 years of research working with website developers, social media marketers, mobile app strategist and entrepreneurs from across the world who are adapting to the ever-growing information age. Trust me they gave some valuable lessons that I've compiled to share with you. 

Many of us have little time to spend changing our passwords for accounts and that is why in this book I explain simple steps on building a system that works for you to consume, share and collect media content online.

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